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diane mccormick ceramics



  'I Spy' 2005
The Arches Centre, Holywood Road, Belfast

project detail:

description: Ceramic Artwork

materials: Hand made ceramics, earthenware lustre glaze.

techniques: Relief ceramic tiles painted with coloured glazes and multiple fired.

dimensions: maximum size of one area 3m x 1m

brief: To produce a ceramic artwork in the form of a Childrens game of “I Spy”.

commissioned by: North East Belfast HSS Trust

details: “I Spy “ is a game loosely based on the oldfavourite word game of long car journeys. It takes the form of a ceramic mural, the objects to be “spied” hang from a ceramic rope which winds its way through walls, around pillars overhead and along the walls of the waiting area. I have included references to the local area with bottle factories , Shorts aeroplanes, sailing boats, C.S Lewis, the Titanic to name a few. To encourage children to find words without having to know what they begin with, the game states “ I spy with my little eye , something…”. This means that children can spy things which are yellow, begin with a letter or even something which flies, to give a few examples. If you can't find the words some of them are hidden in an alphabet washing line along the waiting area. Each piece of the mural is hand built in a strong clay and glazed with coloured glazes and lustres. Textures on the ceramic surfaces encourage touch and words and other images are hidden in the surfaces.




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