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diane mccormick ceramics



  'As I Went Over the Water' 2001
Accident and Emergency Department, Causeway Hospital, Coleraine

project detail:

description: ceramic tile mural

materials: hand made ceramic tiles, earthenware lustre glaze

techniques: Relief ceramic tiles mono printed and decorated with coloured slips and glazes. Multiple fired to build up layers of colours and textures.

dimensions: 2 00 x 15 0 x 3 cm

brief: To produce a tile mural

commissioned by: Causeway Health and Social Services Trust

details: From a distance this is seen as a series of spirals representing the sea intersected by a series of ceramic fish like shapes. Close-up , each spiral contains an illustration of a poem with references either to humorous accidents or the sea.

Poems Included :
Bones—Walter de la Mare
Inconsiderate Hannah—Harry Graham
Nine Mice—Jack Prelutsky
Tell Me , Tell Me Sarah-Jane -Charles Causley
As I went Over The Water—Anon
Kitty—Colin West






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