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diane mccormick ceramics



  An Apple a Day 2013
Emergency Department and 24 bed Medical Ward
Antrim Hospital


project detail:

materials: Hand made ceramics, earthenware lustre glaze

techniques: Relief ceramics with photographic images mono printed with ceramic colours and glazes. Multiple fired to build up layers of colours and textures.

dimensions: 5 x 2 m

brief: To make a piece of artwork for the waiting area in the new Emergency Department.
commissioned by: Antrim Hospital


Description - A ceramic and wood/resin artwork spanning 5m x 2m made up from smooth, rounded ceramic apple shapes and textured, stylised branch shapes. These move across the wall towards the window area just as a tree would grow to the light. The 50 apple shapes are in various shades of orange, red and green, with photographs of local landmarks or wildlife fused into the surface of the glaze. Approximate sizes of these apples are 12-15 cm diameter.

Concept – The idea of a branch can have several interpretations – branches of science, links to the human body (limbs) or a route or path towards a goal. Trees branch to lift leaves up to the light. Quotes relating to nature and trees are incised into the branches to give interest in the waiting area of a new emergency ward of Antrim Hospital.




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