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diane mccormick ceramics



  Trace 2010
Ulster Hospital
Porcelain artwork for CSSU

  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  
  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  
Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork
Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork

project detail:

materials: High fired ceramics, porcelain glaze with ceramic decals.

techniques: High fired ceramics with printed images fired onto the surface.

dimensions: 4.5m x 0.6m

brief: To make a piece of artwork for the Central Sterile Services Unit at Dundonald Hospital
commissioned by: South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust


Much of the scientific world is hidden from us. We cannot see what goes on inside our bodies and the beauty of the microscopic world is beyond the reach of most of us. I want to show, in this artwork, the beauty of science and art that is within our world. The images represented here are mostly from the microscopic world and include coloured pictures of some things people would rather not see or talk about. Scientists have the curiosity to look at these images with the hope of finding cures and helping understand why and how the body functions. What I want to do is to look at these images without any prejudices about what they are and to appreciate them for their visual beauty.

The artwork consists of a number of ceramic circles with different images, textures and pattern printed onto their surfaces. These include photographs of close-ups of parts of the body at unusual resolutions (fingerprints, bone density) ,abstract images of cerebellum, brain wave computer simulation and scientific images of the universe which often resemble macroscopic images of viruses.

These circles are grouped to form an ECG heartbeat, pale colours form the background and brighter circles form the patterns.





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