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diane mccormick ceramics



  The Birds and the Bees 2012
Enniskillen Hospital
4 ceramic pieces, hosp. street

  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  
  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  
  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  
Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork
  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  

project detail:

materials: High fired ceramics, porcelain glaze with ceramic decals.

techniques: High fired ceramics with printed images fired onto the surface.

dimensions: 1m x 1 m (4 panels)

brief: To make a piece of artwork for the New Enniskillen Hospital main corridor area.
commissioned by: Northern Ireland Health Group


Located along the hospital street, with its views out to the linear garden, the art works are based on natural themes continuing the architects desire to ‘bring the outside in’.

Common names for flowers and insects have different roots, some indicating what they look and sound like (Yellow Rattle, Fox Glove, Butter Cup, Ladies Tresses Orchid, Painted Ladies). Some others mimic birds and insects to scare off predators or as a pollination ploy to trick insects and are named from these characteristics (Bee Orchid, Humming Bird Hawk Moth).

The Artwork for each area is inspired by the common name of a wild flower or insect found in the locality. Seen at a glance, these resemble flowers or butterflies, but close-up reveal their namesake in fine detail. Made in brightly coloured ceramics on a contrasting painted background these artworks act as visual way finding markers for the different areas. The idea is not to try to copy the real flower but to create an interesting image.

The images to be used were collaged with textured and coloured paper and reduced to fit the porcelain shapes. Multiples were then made and fired on as decals.




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