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diane mccormick ceramics



  Good Day for Drying 2011
Beaumont Hospital
St Joseph's Hospital, Dublin

  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  
  Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork  
Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork
Diane Mccormick Ceramic artwork

project detail:

materials: Hand made ceramics, earthenware glaze

techniques: Earthenware ceramics with lightly textured printed images fired onto the surface. Multiple fired in gas kiln.

dimensions: 10 x 0.6 m

brief: To make an artwork for the corridor areas of the Residential Unit in St Josephs Hospital , Dublin.

commissioned by: Health Service Executive, Dublin


This artwork consists of a ceramic mural with images of washing blowing in the wind along with a figure pegging out the washing, a mischievous dog and some seagulls flying and perching on the posts. It also includes a Brent goose as they are known to use the local playing field. It features photographs fired onto the surface of the glazed clay and these include some historical images of local buildings, youth clubs or sports teams including Dollymount Bridge and Raheny GAA Club. There’s even the Sam Maguire Cup hanging on the line.

This mural enlivens the corridor area and can be seen from inside the day area through the glass windows. It provides the residents with a reminder of their local area and is a starting point for a conversation.





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