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diane mccormick ceramics



  'Creation' 2007
HDBU/SCU, Maternity, Ulster Hospital

project detail:

description: Eight floor designs

materials: Tarkett vinyl Optima

techniques: Sonic cut by Tarkett

dimensions: 4.5m x 1.8m

brief: “Life” and “Movement”. Floor / ceiling based works for HDU unit to stimulate the vision of babies and to define the neonatal area as distinct from other parts of the Maternity Unit

commissioned by: Ulster Community and Hospitals Trust

details: The Flooring design takes as its starting point the poem “Spell of Creation” by Kathleen Raine and incorporates eight panels in Tarkett vinyl depicting flowers with long twirling stems giving direction into the unit. The design made up of eight elements, flowers and flowing shapes break up the expanse of floor and add to wayfinding in the SCBU/ HDU corridor. Each flower incorporates small creatures, birds, ladybirds etc in a Summer palette of greens, peaches, pinks, blues and reds. The overall lively pattern distinguishes the Neonatal corridor from the rest of the Unit.





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