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diane mccormick ceramics



  'Mackerel Skies' 2006
Lakewood Secure Centre, Bangor

project detail:

description: Ceramic artwork

materials: Hand made ceramics, earthenware lustre glaze

techniques: Relief ceramic fish tiles painted with coloured glazes and multiple fired. Painted wooden boards

dimensions: Three panels- two @ 1 x 2.7m, one @ 1.2x 0.9m

brief: To produce a ceramic artwork to enhance the Walls of the childrens secure unit

commissioned by: Ulster Community and Hospitals Trust

details: Taking inspiration from the name Lakewood and the fact that the unit provides secure care for children in our society this artwork has 129 individual ceramic fish fixed to coloured boards above the bedroom hallway.

Fish shoal together to provide safety in numbers and can make interesting and beautiful patterns in the process. This artwork also represents the flow of life and the natural rhythms that are echoed in the circle theme in the rest of the building.

Colours used are subtle, soft lustrous creams blues, silvers and greens with eight fish in contrasting colours dotted throughout the shoal to represent the number of children in the unit and leading them to their rooms ( six on one side and two on another) This also represents the idea of individuality while belonging to a larger group.





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