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diane mccormick ceramics



  'Ripples' 2006
Lakewood Secure Centre, Bangor

project detail:

description: Ceramic artwork

materials: Relief ceramic tiles painted with coloured glazes and multiple fired

techniques: Relief ceramic tiles mono printed with ceramic colours and glazes. Multiple fired to build up layers of colours and textures.

dimensions: 1.3m x 1.4m

brief: To produce a ceramic artwork to enhance the Lobby of the childrens secure unit

commissioned by: Ulster Community and Hospitals Trust

details: This artwork takes the form of water ripples in a lake, with the symbol pi to represent the circle placed in the shape of fallen leaves on the surface of the lake. The circle is used as a theme throughout the childrens unit as a symbol of security. The colours used are a soft tin glazed lustre and coppery blues and greens.

The idea of ripples starting off as a small drop and growing in size represents the progress of the children in the unit.





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