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diane mccormick ceramics




'Comfort Quilt' 2006
Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice, Belfast


project detail:

description: Ceramic tile mural

materials: Hand made ceramic tiles, earthenware lustre glaze.

techniques: Relief ceramic tiles mono printed with ceramic colours and glazes. Multiple fired to build up layers of colours and textures.

dimensions: 2m x 1.8m

brief: The life of Marie Curie and Marie Curie Cancer Care

commissioned by: Marie Curie Cancer Care supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland

details: Quilts are a traditional blanket given to families and usually made by members and friends of the family. They incorporate old clothing (early recycling) with associations and memories of people passed on.

The Log Cabin Quilt, which this design is based on, is associated with the home, with light and dark strips of cloth around a central square which represents the heart of the home (Marie Curie nurses come into the home to help care for patients).

This design is made in clay tiles of various sizes, printed and patterned to resemble material and quilting. Each square panel incorporates a central motif to show aspects of the history of Marie Curie, the work done in the Marie Curie units and research into the causes and cures for cancer. Strips around each motif have patterns, textures, words and sayings to illustrate the central panel. Uplifting proverbs and written words (from patients and staff) are printed in this area to give comfort to patients, staff and family. The panel is surrounded by a edge of daffodils.





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