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diane mccormick ceramics



  'Quilt' 2008
Queens School of Nursing & Midwifery, Belfast

project detail:

materials: Hand made ceramic tiles, earthenware lustre glaze

techniques: Relief ceramic tiles mono printed with ceramic colours and glazes.
Multiple fired to build up layers of colours and textures

dimensions: 2 x 2 m

brief: To celebrate the history and ongoing work in the School of Nursing and Midwifery

commissioned by: Professor Jean Orr, Head of School

Historically nursing has been symbolised by a red cross on a white ground. This design is taken from a Red and White Friendship Quilt made in 1898 and used as a fundraising venture as it contained signatures of people who gave a donation.

Within each of these red crosses the colour red is made up of tiny crosses used in history (Maltese cross, St Georges cross and some taken from the designs in the badge collection)

The colours of red mean love of one’s fellow and the red cross is seen to represent nursing as a selfless service.

The panel of nine red and white crosses has handwritten words on the white surround and represents the caring qualities of nurses (capable, competence, bravery, humility, trust, integrity, comfort, birth, life, spirit, reassurance, safety, security, hygiene, warmth) These are surrounded by a strip of different blue coloured textured tiles. These have in their surfaces symbols such as the lamp, books, panto references etc.

The four corners represent the four areas taught by the School of Nursing- Adult, Child, Mental health and Learning Disability.

Small tiles in the corners show the caring qualities of nursing in hands with patients, and in midwifery with baby’s hands and feet.

The design is edged in a turquoise blue tile the same colour as the ribbon on the Queen’s Nursing Badge.




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