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Diane hand-builds her work with soft slabs of earthenware clay which are impressed using plaster rollers and slabs and these in turn are pressed into a variety of plaster and wooden moulds. Sprigs of animals and birds are sometimes applied to the forms, and handles, spouts and lids are all carefully hand formed.

At present her work is glazed to 1060 C and she use s a number of reduced in-glaze lustre glazes which require two sep a rate firings in a gas kiln. The final firing to 725 C in a carefully controlled kiln atmosphere ,transforms the glazes to a rich and varied iridesant lustrous surface. Her new work experiments with the delicate paper porcelain clay which is drawn and printed on andis high fired to bring out the translucent qualities of the clay.

Diane says of her working methods, "I try to achieve a depth of surface in my ceramics using layers of texture , colourwashes of underglaze and translucent glazes on top of each other. Often these merge in the firings and cannot be fully appreciated until the final opening of the kiln which is always the most exciting and disappointing time in the cycle of work."

She is also interested in the crossover of different disciplines and has been experimenting with ceramics and printmaking techniques to produce porcelain pictures and lighting.



" My shapes and decoration are influenced by forms found in the natural world : birds in the garden , shapes of seed pods, insects and beach worn stones and the different textures of shells and coral.
I also look at different cultures for sources of inspiration, particularly the Byzantines for their domed buildings and the Inuit for their decorative tools and domestic utensils.

Poetry has been the source for many of my line drawings on pictures and wall murals."


Diane's range of work includes tiny bowls decorated with birds and fish, candlesticks, clocks in ceramic and wood inspired by domes and arches in Byzantine and Russian architecture, decorative domed teapots with birds and fish, large platters with slip trailed images of blackbirds ,snipe or fish and delicate framed ceramic pictures.


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